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My son love watching Abibi! I just found out about Durioo+ and my son who is in high school said “why didn’t I have apps like this in my time? It’s the best !!!!    It is really a go to platform for children and us parents to learn about islam in a fun way.

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Being a parent is hard as kids nowadays can watch all the things online freely. Thank goodness there’s Durioo+. My kids started to learn more about islam through cartoons and shows from Durioo+. As a Muslim that’s all you want, an Islamic friendly content that kids can enjoy

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Ali and Umar started to love Durioo+ . Not only are their contents are high quality but also educational with Islamic essence and values. I feel safe letting my kids watch all the content inside Durioo+. Also Ali has started consume less Youtube too! 

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Datin Dr. Prof Mariani

academic consultant

Children learn quicker through stories.

So, when we educate them to be respectful, we have to illustrate for them, for example, “Remember in Mila Mina’s story, how Mila Mina talked to Baba and Ummi, how Mila and Mina were together, even though they were twin sisters, but they had respect for each other another. So, don’t you see? It is easy for you to give a close example to children when you have animation especially Islamic animation

Don Daniyal Don Biyajid

shariah consultant

Animations and children’s shows gave a huge impact on enlivening the missionary effort.

Imagine, if there is one platform that from beginning to end, the content is curated with Islamic essence. So, when we play, we are not afraid of our child having thoughts and content that he sees.

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